Thursday, May 7, 2009

Carrie Prejean Is No Hero

She is hailed from the right as being a hero, from the left, a closed minded bigot. Let’s look at this thing again. Whether you agree with what she said or not, her voice has ruffled the feathers of many people. Everyone from the red faced preacher spitting five rows back to the drag queen trying to hide her…his adam’s apple.

There are reasons she was in the pageant. She’s beautiful. She is fairly well spoken, and extremely confident. This must be why every Christian from PTL to TBN wants to hook the Jesus wagon to her, and have her lead us on to glory. The American Christian is extremely bad at finding heroes. We hesitate to search the inner-cities for the woman finding the homeless needed shelter, or the volunteer in the teen pregnancy office holding a girl’s hand telling her it will all be OK. Nope, it’s Miss California who told her opinion on gay marriage. We saw the pretty face and the courage to speak in the face of certain criticism, and we made her the new Billy Graham. It’s not fair to her or the Christians who have to put up with this crap. Now the Christians who anointed her can’t back peddle quick enough after topless photos became public. Now it’s time for the next wave of persecution to come over her, from all the Christians who will say,” you let us down Carrie”. Funny, she didn’t ask you to lift her up in the first place. She just gave her “personal” opinion.

On the other extreme, why is it now wrong for someone to give an opinion? She didn’t ask for an amendment to the constitution. She didn’t lead everyone in the sinners prayer. This kid was asked a question. She stated her love for the country that allows these things, then gave her “personal” opinion. For a group that praises open mindedness and tolerance, the gay community is showing a lack of both. The hypocrites are lining up on this one and it’s kind of fun to watch.

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